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Quilts Jacksonville Florida Area
specializing in longarm quilting services


This quilt was made by Marian Strunk, to honor the memories of Jake Foster, her son. She did a beautiful job in the sewing, but more beautiful was the treasury of memories.

I would ask that everyone that views this website, please say a prayer for this family as they face this Christmas season without Jake.

Marian, Fred, Larry & Joyce your are in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas Season.




Hello, my name is Brenda Johnson.  I have been quilting for 30+ years, my grandmother taught me to quilt as a pre-teen.  I have always had a passion for quilting.  I have now expanded my passion into a long arm machine quilting business. 

Longarm quilting is machine quilting performed on a machine that has a long throat and high back that allows plenty of room for the quilt to be rolled and fit without having to move the quilt.  We have the Gammill Statler Stitcher (this is a computer based quilter) this allows us to quilt traditional patterns as well as contempory designs.  We can do over 200 designs.  We quilt “edge to edge” patterns (this is also called an overall pattern or panagraph which means the same pattern it quilted over the entire quilt).  We also quilt semi custom, which means the same pattern could be quilted inside the quilt and dense stippling could be done on the border.  We also do custom quilting, such as “stitch in the ditch” with detailed borders.  We have lots of creative ideas and are always open to your ideas also.

I would love to have the opportunity to quilt, quilts for you. 

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